Tango Maipu, Buesnos AiresEnter Tango Maipu Studio

   Tango Maipu studio in this 15 story building is located in the heart of Buenos Aires Micro Center on Corrientes and Maipu. Only few blocks away from “9 de Julio” Blvd, Tango Porteño, Teatro Calon and Cafe Tortoni. One block from the famous Florida and Lavalle Streets with their exclusive shops and malls such as “Galleria Pasifico.” Both of these streets are restricted to foot traffic for leisurely shopping, watching tango dancers and eating in the trendy restaurants and cafes. In the mornings you can get your exercise walking along the water at Puerto Madero, only a short distance away.

   This building is officially classified Historical by the government of Buenos Aires. The Architecture will impress you with its French and Roman influence.

Enter Tango Maipu Studio

   The entrance hall is about 98 feet long and 40 feet wide lined with 12 Roman marble columns stretching to a three story ceiling. For your convenience two restaurants and an internet/telephone cafe are located on the lobby level. This 15 story building (a replecia of onein Paris) has eight elevators, two on each corne rof the building. One of the most famous Tango Dinner Shows, “MARABU,” is on the lower floor of this building and has been recently renovated and reopened for alternating nights of Tango Milangos and Rock/Latin Dances. During the 30s and 40s Marabu was the symbol of the golden era of tango. It was for Buenos Aires like the Moulin Rouge was for Paris. Here Troilo debuted his orchestra in 1936 as well as other master musicians such as Pugliese, D'Arienzo, Di Sarli, and others. (On the entrance you will see plaques of the above mentioned names.) During those times the entrance free to MARABI was 150 Argentine Pesos. ~