Junne with the boys
Jeramy JuneCloseup Junne DeGanee's
passion for Tango...
has changed her life. Living 6 months of the year in Buenos Aires, she has had the opportunity to meet and share her enthusiasm with tango masters and celebrities...
Carlos Gavito
(Broadway Show–Forever Tango).
Robert Duvall
(Movie–Assassination Tango),
Pablo Veron
(Movies–The Tango Lesson
and Assassination Tango)
JunneToo Sexy Junne

JUNNE, a ballroom dancer with a passion for dance and music since her teens, became involved in Argentine Tango in 1997, almost by accident, by watching the Movie “ The Tango Lesson” which opened with the dance of PABLO VERON.  She was immediately captivated by the beauty of Argentine Tango...

She then sought out tango instructors in Dallas and New York. And to pursue “authentic tango" Junne decided to travel to its birth place, Buenos Aires, Argentina, to attend school, to study the dance, the music, the language and its people under Tango Masters. This experience changed her way of life!

She continued traveling regularly to Buenos Aires to expand her education. Of her many teachers, Junne considers the most influential Carlos Gavito and Pablo Veron among others.

In 2003 Junne decided to open her Tango Studio, ”Casa Del Tango” to teach and to share her experience of authentic tango with the Dallas community and other cities in the US. 

Junne, a university art and psychology professor, teachs techniques of the milonguero style and leads the student to dance with quality and elegance to the rhythum of tango music.

She combines solid knowledge with focus, patience, and generous personal attention. Her classes exude her passion for tango and make the experience especially rewarding.

In 2004 she established a Tango House and Studio in the heart of Buenos Aires “Micro Center” ...  Where the famous Tango dinner show/milonga “MARABU” is located on the lower level.

Dancers or groups can travel to Buenos Aires and stay in this beautiful, well-designed tango residence (capacity six persons), to learn, practice, and dance tango—taking home, from each trip, a deeper understanding of the authentic Argentine Tango.

From the beginning Junne wished to create a deeper understanding of the dance and its way of life—in contrast to the theatrical stage world of Tango. Her goal is to prepare her students in Milonguero style, in advance of traveling to Buenos Aires, in her studio in Dallas. She continues to coach them in her studio in Buenos Aires, in order for them to be able to dance in the dance halls of Buenos Aires (Milongas).

Presently Junne DeGanee splits her time living in Dallas, New York and Buenos Aires. While persuing her profession she also teaches tango, organizes and leads Tango Trips to Buenos Aires 2 or 3 times a year.

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